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About Simsbury Chiropractic & Wellness Center in Simsbury

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Welcome to Simsbury Chiropractic & Wellness Center!

“Our practice is not just about our families, it’s about yours!”

Simsbury Chiropractic & Wellness Center opened it’s doors in 2009. Dr. Cheryl began her practice in 1993. Dr. Cheryl remarks, “We merged practices in 2009 in order to facilitate more time with our families. We are able to be open more hours during the week without either of us being away from home excessively.”

Chiropractic Care That Works for the Entire Family

We see patients with a wide variety of conditions! We have a high success rate for pain relief, and improved health and wellness.

“We’ve noticed that after one family member comes in for care, we end up seeing the whole family eventually. We love helping families improve their overall health by treating your acute conditions and educating you about overall wellness.”

What We Offer for the Whole Body

We focus on the whole body! Using other aspects of wellness along with chiropractic philosophy helps us help you. “Ours is a holistic wellness program with the goal of helping people to feel better.” There is power in an adjustment. There is also power in nutrition and exercise. Our wide variety of natural health techniques, allows us to help you with the following conditions!

Ultimately, We Want to Meet Your Needs

Let’s get together to discuss your needs. Together we will determine if you need acute care or corrective care. We’ll educate you so you can make an informed decision. Leading you down the path to wellness is top priority.

“One of the things we love most about what we do is knowing that we’re making a difference in somebody’s life.” – Dr. Cheryl

Bring your aches and pains. Bring your family. Bring your goals and questions. Make your first appointment today! Call (860) 651-3355 to get started!