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Therapeutic Yoga for Bone Health at Simsbury Chiropractic & Wellness Center
540 Hopmeadow Street, Simsbury

*Next session begins September 25 – November 13*

Eight week sessions $120.00 (1 class/wk)

Drop in Fee $18.00

Classes: Tuesday 6:15-7:15pm

For further information or to sign up,
please contact Mj Sandell of Yoga Shared LLC




with Joyce St. Germaine, M.Ed, C.Ht., RYT-200 and Dr. Cheryl Vincent, D.C., D.A.B.C.I.

At Simsbury Chiropractic and Wellness Center
540 Hopmeadow Street, Simsbury, CT 06070
Thursday, October 5, 2017
Thursday November 2, 2017
Thursday December 7, 2017
6:30-8:30 PM
$30 per group session

To register: (860) 651-3355 or Contact Us
(please indicate which month you’d like to attend)


Hypnosis & Gentle Chair Yoga

Much has been written about the power of the mind/body connection and studies have proven that hypnosis is a valuable tool that can be used by anyone to allow positive changes to happen naturally. Whether you would like to lose weight, develop healthier eating habits, or become more motivated to exercise, hypnosis can allow these changes to occur effortlessly and easily.

Another practice, the ancient practice of Yoga, has become extremely popular in recent years due to the positive results being enjoyed by people of all ages and fitness levels. Yoga works beautifully in partnership with hypnosis and gentle chair yoga can be practiced by almost anyone!

Why Hypnosis?

Hypnosis can help you to release unconscious habits or beliefs which sabotage your weight loss or health goals. Your mind and body will work together so that you will eat to nourish your body…not to feed your emotions, snack unconsciously or overeat. There are no limits to the positive applications and results of hypnosis!

Why Yoga?

There are specific Gentle Yoga Poses known to massage the internal organs, aiding in metabolism, digestion, and elimination. In addition, these poses support flexibility, coordination, relaxation, and overall well being. Not all yoga requires getting down on the floor. Chair yoga is a practice which provides many of the same benefits while being accessible to a greater population.

Hypnosis & Yoga Together: Empower Yourself!

Join us to learn about hypnosis as we dispel myths and understand exactly what hypnosis is and why it works so well. Then, under group hypnosis, positive suggestions will be deeply implanted into your subconscious mind, ready to work for you. You will also learn a simple post-hypnotic suggestion technique to reinforce these suggestions whenever and wherever you choose. You will also be instructed on how to write positive suggestions customized to your unique needs and goals.

You will learn how to do some gentle poses in a chair; modifications will be demonstrated for using a mat on the floor. Join us to combine a powerful self-hypnosis technique, gentle yoga poses and expert medical advice from Dr. Vincent and you will posses all the tools needed to create the health you desire. Empower yourself; now is the perfect time!

This program is being offered by Certified Hypnotherapist and Registered Yoga Teacher, Joyce St. Germaine, M.Ed, CHt., RYT-200 and Dr. Cheryl Vincent, D.C., D.A.B.C.I. Joyce is a retired art teacher, with more than 25 years of private practice as a Certified Hypnotherapist. Having experienced great success with the “Shape ReClaimed” program, she is excited to share her self empowerment tips and techniques with you.

Dr. Cheryl holds board certifications in Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and Internal Diagnosis. She specializes in wellness and weight loss and will share her knowledge about a healthy lifestyle and the “Shape ReClaimed” program, based on homeopathic research and the belief that food is medicine.

Group Self-Hypnosis & Gentle Chair Yoga: $30 per session

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