Meet Dr. Cheryl Vincent

"I love helping people see the light about natural health.”

Dr. Cheryl Vincent

Chiropractic Care Offered Relief for My Injuries

Dr. Cheryl hurt her back as a high school athlete. During her undergraduate work in health and fitness, she incurred more back injuries.

“My injuries led me to chiropractic care and pain relief.  I was drawn to the way biomechanics, wellness and nutrition all worked together for healing and wellness.”

Chiropractic College and a New Family

Dr. Cheryl attended Northwestern College of Chiropractic. She participated in the World Congress of Chiropractic Students.

“I started my chiropractic education with an eleven-month old baby. When I completed my degree, I had a six-month old baby.“ Both boys are now grown after being raised on chiropractic care in a healthy and athletic family atmosphere.

Chiropractic Offers Common Sense Health Care

“I believe that education about natural health will help people to see that chiropractic care “makes sense” especially when compared with the pharmaceutical driven Western medical model.”

Are you’ tired of popping pills to cover your symptoms? Do you want to find the problem causing your symptoms? Call Dr. Cheryl today and start your journey to health and wellness!

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